It is the belief that comes from The Wolven Path Tradition, that the Creator called to the First Shaman, the Son of the Land, the Wolf to call together humankind who had lost the kinship of the Earth and Spirits. In a continuation of the First Shaman’s work The Tradition holds at it’s core the principle of Family, Clan, Tribe & Community.
In this it is the duty of a Pathfinder to gather together the community to celebrate and be witness to the journeys and transitions of that community.
In this service is offered in accordance with The Tradition the ceremonies and rituals of:

  1. Handfasting
  2. Betrothal
  3. Wedding
  4. Birthing
  5. Naming
  6. Maidenhood
  7. Warriorhood
  8. Turning of the Wheel of Seasons
  9. Passing


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